20 Photos Taken At The Right Time That Look Like Photoshop

You may think these photos are the work of an incredible photoshop expert but they are actually genuine snap shots that were taken at the perfect moment.

To try and recreate these funny pictures would be close to impossible, its just a case of the photographer being in the right place at the right time.

Take a look at this incredible collection and see which one is your favorite.

1. Ladybug In Flight!

2. The Sixth Ring Of The Olympics

3. Statue of Liberty Being Struck By Lightening!

4. Dog Stuck In A Soap Bubble

5. Moon Sitting Perfectly On The Burj Al Arab

6. Dog Or Deer?

7. Where Do You Think Youโ€™re Going?

8. Is She Really Marrying An Owl?

9. A Fire Breathing Dragon Cloud

10. Time To Eat!

11. Break Dancing On Water?

12. Evidence Of Merman Discovered

13. Crane Holding Up The Eiffel Tower

14. Perfect Time To Yawn

15. Grasshopper Riding A Motorcycle

16. Must Get A Closer Look At The Flyer On The Post

17. Trying To Swat A Fly

18. The Headless Gymnast

19. I Think He Had Too Much Chili The Night Before

20. Holding Up The Moon

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