How to Manage Startup Programs in Windows 10’s Settings App

Windows 10’s Settings app now lets you disable the programs that automatically run when you sign in to your computer. This same functionality was previously hidden in Windows 10’s Task Manager, and was hidden under MS Config in previous versions.

To manage your startup programs, head to Start Menu > Startup > See which processes start up…

Enabled means program will start automatically when windows starts

Disabled means  program won’t start automatically when windows starts

Be careful when disabling startup apps, though. If you turn off a startup app, it won’t start up and perform the background tasks if normally would. For example, if you disable Dropbox’s startup application, it won’t automatically sync your files in the background. If you disable an update checker like Oracle’s Java Update Scheduler, the tool won’t automatically check for and notify you of important updates. If you disable Plex’s startup program, the Plex media server won’t automatically run and share your media library at boot.


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