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Let’s admit it: sometimes, even though we know it’s wrong, we all open the occasional sketchy program or file. We’re not judging, but if you’re going to do it, at least use protection, Sandboxie, which lets you run programs independent of the rest of your system. That way they can’t infect, access, or otherwise interfere with your Windows installation. It’s also great for testing apps you aren’t sure of or running multiple instances of an app that won’t let you, so it’s fun for the whole family.

Sandboxie Review

Sandboxie is an excellent, reliable software program that should be a part of any computers anti virus, anti malware and security suite. Any time you think a file, website or application may be suspicious simply run it through Sandboxie software and you are protected. Sandboxie should not be used instead of anti virus or OS security but Sandboxie should be used in addition to these OS protection software programs. Sandboxie has both a free and paid version but for most peoples needs free Sandboxie is more than adequate.



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How it works ?


Without sandboxie, any trojan or virus can infect your computer.

In other the side with sandboxie if it’s a virus, it will not infect anything inside your computer.

For me i’ve been using this program from a long time ago, and it helped me alot,

Downloaded program and not sure about ? just run it with sandboxie



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