[x00005] Missing Taskbar icons Windows 10

The start menu is everything in Windows 10. It can be quite a problem for the users if it stops working all of a sudden. It becomes almost impossible to do anything on your PC and may cause a lot of delays in your work.

Solution 1: Running System File Checker (SFC)

System File Checker (SFC) is a utility present in Microsoft Windows which allows the users to scan their computers for corrupt files in their operating system. This tool has been there in Microsoft Windows since windows 98. It is a very useful tool for diagnosing the problem and checking if any problem is due to corrupt files in windows.

  • Pressย Windows + Rย to launch the Run application. Type โ€œtaskmgrโ€ in the dialogue box and hit Enter to launch your computerโ€™s task manager.
  • Now click on File option present at the top left side of the window and select โ€œRun new taskโ€ from the list of options available.

  • Now type โ€œpowershellโ€ in the dialogue box andย checkย the option underneath which states โ€œCreate this task with administrative privilegesโ€.

  • Once in the Windows Powershell, type โ€œsfc /scannowโ€ and hitย Enter. This process may take some time as your entire Windows files are being scanned by the computer and being checked for corrupt phases.

  • If you encounter an error where Windows states that it found some error but was unable to fix them, you should type โ€œDISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealthโ€ in the PowerShell. This will download the corrupt files from the Windows update servers and replace the corrupt ones. Do note that this process can also consume some time according to your internet connection. Donโ€™t cancel at any stage and let it run.


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