More than 5000 books in all programming and technical languages for free in one place

Summer is over and with it a long-awaited holiday, we now have enough spare time to enjoy and make the most of this holiday. In the Internet there are many platforms and sites that provide you with an important set of lessons and free courses in various sciences and disciplines, so for the best use of this holiday I suggest you today the largest library of free technology.

Today, I present to you a new library with hundreds and thousands of books in programming in most of its languages, as well as in the field of networks, databases, etc., free and one place.

This library is available for download through github platform. These books have been collected in one place. It is easy to access the information as quickly as possible. The number of these books and references is more than 5000. You can download them and read them later.

Link Here

Source: th3professional


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