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3 impressive features of Android 11 were recently revealed

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The Android 11 system has become a version available for download and installation, but what distinguishes it is the unique additions and improvements that it brought. Previously, we touched on a topic in the blog previously about the features that came with the Android 11 system, but below in the post we will share with you impressive features and improvements that were discovered after installing The system is mainly on one of the phones, and it is strange that it was not announced by the developers previously.

New features came with Android 11

Breaking the 4 GB barrier for recording videos in high definition “4K”
In the previous versions of Android phones that support high-resolution cameras, it was difficult to record 4K video clips that exceed the size of 4 GB, and this should be in a period not exceeding 15 minutes, so this was an obstacle for many photography lovers, as well as filming movies With the accuracy of the phone’s camera, but with the latest version of Android 11, this issue has become transcendent, as you can shoot videos with high resolution and quality up to 4K quality without thinking about the issue of time and size.

Android 11 has a hidden recycle bin
Smartphone users may suffer from the issue of unintentionally deleting a file, where you can accidentally delete a file, and it is unfortunate that it is difficult to recover and then delete it… But this will not continue on modern Android systems, and we mean Android 11, where you will be able to receive a message asking you what If you want to delete a file and send it to the recycle bin, you can also recover the deleted items. As for the recovery method, this will require a post on its own.

Developing voice access technology to understand screen content using artificial intelligence
This particular point will be of benefit to people with special needs and those with physical disabilities, as it will make it easier for them to deal with the screen content without any physical effort. It will also be good for drivers to avoid traffic accidents… Many programs have already been put on this aspect on the Internet, but they are It did not have a good level of development, as most of it cramps its service upon prolonged use, but regarding the service that will come with the Android 11 system, it will be very good and advanced, even the voice response will be smooth and responsive, and this is due to improving the feature based on the previous programming errors of previous applications and software.

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