Leaks reveal the new LG Wing phone

Once again, the South Korean company, LG, returns to the interface to reveal a new phone with an innovative design. After we saw a number of phones with innovative screens in the field of smart phones, such as a smartphone with a flexible foldable screen, a shell screen and a sliding screen phone, LG will present a new kind This time.

And South Korean press reports referred to a new image as the image of the LG view phone, a phone bearing the code name “Wing”, and it will come with a rotatable screen, where there will be in this phone two screens, the first major and will be up to 6, 8 inches. The second or secondary screen will be square and 4 inches.

This screen will work as an auxiliary screen for the rotating main screen, and in a number of functions that will improve the experience of using this phone, and according to the available information, the new phone from LG will come with a Qualcomm processor from the Snapdragon 7 series in addition to three cameras in the backend and it will be Support for 5G communication technology.

Experts say that the new phone is reminiscent of Samsung phones in the early 2000s, for example, the LG VX9400 class.

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