Sony settled the controversy over the launch date of the PlayStation 5 and the extent of the impact of Corona-virus

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic crisis, many technical and international companies have been affected by the spread and the state of quarantine across the world, and their plans for the year 2020 have been affected, whether it comes to conferences and events or also new products and devices expected during this year.

Among the important companies in the world of technology, whose creativity and devices are waiting for everyone, there is the Japanese company Sony, which is supposed to launch its awaited device, the famous electronic games platform PlayStation 5 by the end of the current year, which sparked a lot of controversy about what If the company would actually fulfill its obligations and launch its new platform on the date specified in advance, would the Corona pandemic have a negative impact on that?

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The press sources, quoting Sony, said that the company officials and in a remote meeting with the shareholders of the company to present the financial results for the first quarter of this year, they pointed out that Sony’s plans to offer the expected gaming platform PlayStation 5 at the end of the new year are still the same. And it has not changed, despite the current quarantine situation and many employees are forced to work from home.

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