TikTok app has a new feature from Snapchat

A lot of applications have reported a number of features on the Snapchat app, chiefly Facebook and its Instagram and WhatsApp attachments, but this time the controversial Chinese app TikTok is the one that intends to quote a new feature from the Snapchat social media platform.

And according to a number of specialized sources, the TikTok application works to copy a new feature from the Snapchat app with a different name, but with almost the same principle, and it comes to the Discover feature in Snapchat Which allows platform partners to publish private videos of their own in addition to user videos.

The TikTok application decided to follow the same approach by launching a new feature similar to Discover Snapchat, but the application decided to name its new feature Explore, which will allow users to attract more whether from advertisers or users and thus more of its exclusive content.

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